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New Digital Ecosystem for Hair Care

January 24th, 2018|News|

Henkel has taken another step forward in Hair Care with the Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab, described as “a digital ecosystem for quantifying and customizing the hair care experience.” SalonLab was a two-time recipient of this year’s CES 2018 Innovation Awards. From near-infrared hair diagnostics and augmented reality color consultation, to creating personalized on-demand hair care products, Henkel says it [...]

The UESS (University of Scents and Flavours) (France)

January 24th, 2018|Focus|

UESS is a vocational training centre dedicated to Flavours and Scents, located in Forcalquierin the south of France. The UESS was founded in 2002 as a consortium of companies dealing with aromatic and medicinal plants. The UESS has close to one hundred members and follows 3 main objectives : training for people working or wishing [...]


January 24th, 2018|News|

Discover the world beauty ancestral secrets Did you know that Amazonian people use make up from Genipa Americana fruit ? They used to coat their whole body not only for esthetic purpose but also to protect themselves from mosquitos. Many studies showed the interest to study this fruit, especially for its anti bacterial effects, medical [...]

Sustainable beauty

December 20th, 2017|News|

Did you know that an estimated 1 billion lipstick tubes are thrown out each year? Now there is an attempt to curb such contamination with the launch of a luxurious refillable lipstick line called La Bouche Rouge, made from the same natural leather instead of plastic. The goal is “to incite people to buy less [...]

Invitation to the opening conference of Cosmetics4Wellbeing projet (C4W)

December 19th, 2017|News|

Cosmetic Valley (France) and its partners, Beauty Cluster Barcelona (Spain), Transylvanian Lifestyle Cluster (Romania) and AEBB (Portugal), invite you to the opening conference & press release of the C4W European project, the 8th of January in Chartres (France),  from 6:45 PM Discover the 2018 internationalization action program of Cosmetic Valley with a special focus on C4W European project, [...]

UESS co-published a scientific article on Whitening Agents from Reseda luteola

December 19th, 2017|News|

Skin whitening agents occupy an important part of the dermo-cosmetic market nowadays. The use of traditional skin bleachers (e.g., hydroquinone, corticoids) is now strictly regulated due to their side effects. When considering this and the growing consumers’ interest for more natural ingredients, plant extracts can be seen as safe and natural alternatives. In this perspective, [...]

Japan Cosmetic Center

December 18th, 2017|Focus|

The Japan Cosmetic Center was created in 2013 in Karatsu City (Saga, Japan) to develop a business cluster focused on the natural cosmetic industry. With more than 160 members (companies, public institutions, laboratories and universities), the JCC is active in every stage (R&D, business matching, intelligence gathering...) and its members work in various fields (raw [...]

ZOOM on Bletilla formosana and Citrus depressa Hayata from Taiwan

December 18th, 2017|News|

Bletilla formosana, a Taiwan native plant similar to Bletilla striata recorded in Chinese pharmacopoeia, possesses activities of anti-microbes, anti-oxidation, anti-ulcer and wound healing. Researchers had established the GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) cultivation of B. formosana, and developed B. formosana alone or combination with other natural materials in whitening and skin care cosmetics. Recently, ITRI’s researchers [...]

The Cosmetic Victories

November 28th, 2017|News|

The Cosmetic Victories is a competition which aims to reward and promote students, researchers, start-ups and SMEs in charge of innovative projects, related to the perfume and cosmetic industry. The applications will be reviewed by a prestigious jury consisting of innovation and scientific experts and members of leading cosmetic companies. The Cosmetic Victories awards 2 [...]

Thai Cosmetic Cluster

November 28th, 2017|Focus|

Thai Cosmetic Cluster aims at creating a network of cosmetics industries, developing innovative cooperation from related organizations and boosting international cooperation by taking part of the CCIN – Cosmetic Clusters International Network and joining the WICCS event. Your contact :  Somprasong Payakapan