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Cosmetics4Wellbeing Ambitions

Launched under COSME program, Cosmetics4wellbeing project aims to support and foster the internationalization of SMEs of 4 European clusters network in cosmetic sector, toward third markets. This project started on December 2017 and will end in May 2019.

This project will enable the 4 European clusters to build a sustainable strategy of internationalization and :

  1. Foster cooperation among cluster organizations and across sectorial bounderies
  2. Identify and promote new cross-sectorial value chains based on inputs and needs from SMEs, targeting cosmetics and other related industries that constribute to people’s wellbeing
  3. Developing a Joint Internationalization Strategy geared towards thirst markets beyond Europe
  4. Developing a governance system and common branding strategy for the partnership^p to ensure active and sustainable collaboration among the different stakeholder

Actions will be set up such as training sessions designed for SMEs on third market export, identification of new business partners, participation to international events and exhibitions, an international exploratory mission, etc..

Cosmetics4Wellbeing project has received funding from the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020).

Cosmetic4Wellbeing, a CCIN achievment

CCIN – Cosmetics Clusters International Network – is the global network of clusters dedicated to innovation in cosmetics sector. It currently composed of 21 international clusters from the entire cosmetic value chain. The CCIN was inaugurated in 2016 on the Cosmetics 360 exhibition fair, on the initiative of its founding members who wanted to share good practices and collaborate on joint projects. As a result and only after two years of existence, CCIN has allowed its members to win a Cluster Go International tender under COSME European program: C4W project. A great achievement and we hope CCIN will foster other fruitful collaborative projects!

Cosmetics4Wellbeing, an innovative consortium

Cosmetic Valley


Beauty Cluster Barcelona


Transylvanian LifeStyle Cluster


Association Region Beira Baixa (AEBB)




With the support of France Clusters