The objectives behind the creation of the MENARA cluster in Morocco are to catalyze an innovation ecosystem dedicated to Luxury cosmetics industry and to help it open up internationally. The MENARA cluster also enhances the value of extraordinary local Moroccan products by gathering more than 50 members : including SMEs, universities, governmental structures, R&D laboratories and other national and international partners. Lern more>>

Our skills :
– supporting project leaders, networking with different types of target profiles setting up and running collaborative projects with a Common interest, etc.
– being a helpdesk facilitating access to information, (either from the public authorities, laboratories and industries)

Why are you interested in participating in the CCIN?

The CCIN will allow MENARA cluster to open up more to the world of cosmetics by sharing his needs in terms of technologies, packaging logistics, formulation, and regulation and also will help MENARA SMEs members to communicate about Cosmetic Moroccan offer recognized by their natural concept. CCIN will be a tool for setting up successful partnerships, between Moroccan companies CCIN members, will also be a space for sharing and co-development