Adebiotech is the French transdisciplinary network of life sciences. Adebiotech fosters dialog between industrial actors (SMEs and corporations) and academics within Biotechnology sector with the aim of fostering responsible innovation.
Therefore, Adebiotech is the only think tank that creates a link between Cosmetics and the other sectors. Adebiotech has 5 Missions:

  • Break down barriers between disciplines or uses
  • Support existing industry sectors
  • Create new industry sectors and accelerate their development
  • Contribute to the dialogue between private and public bodies
  • Overcome scientific, technological, regulatory and ethical hurdles

Then, Adebiotech developed 3 types of actions. The first one consists of animating working groups leading to national / international scientific conferences in emerging areas with highly promising value and strong societal impact. The second action consists of disseminating information from Adebiotech events (studies, reports) and from members of Adebiotech. The last action consists in creating networks across public and private organizations including with regional and national governing bodies.