2TS is a Tunisian Cluster dedicated to the technical textile in the region of Sahel of Tunisia, in Monastir city. Created in 2015, it has now  20 members. Some of relevant topics of technical textile application are:

  • Health, Medical
  • Safety, personal protective equipment
  • SMART Textile
  • Sport
  • Furniture design

Why taking part of CCIN – Cosmetic Clusters International Network and cooperate internationally?

  • Valuing the Tunisian Technical Textile Market in the context of globalization
  • Meet potential partners or customers and expand our company’s network within the European textile companies
  • Find new commercial and technological partners
  • Establish collaborations with international companies
  • Discover innovative products, solutions, customers, and initiate institutional as well as commercial partnerships to develop cooperative projects


Yassine ZARROUG, Director