About CCIN – Cosmetics Clusters International Network


Launched by Cosmetic Valley in the 2016 edition of the Cosmetic 360 fair in Paris, CCIN wish to share good practices in cosmetics, and work on common projects.

CCIN mission:

Provide the CCIN members with animation, sharing and cooperation tools for fostering their development from both international (reach new markets) and national perspectives (strengthen cosmetics SMES network).

CCIN 2018 objectives:

  • Foster collaborative projects, either for business or for innovation
  • Extend Cosmetopea concept internationally
  • Keep reinforcing the network visibility and extend it
  • Promote cosmetics ingredients and know-hows linked to CCIN members territories.

Introducing 3 new members:

Tahiti Fa’ahotu : the first Innovating cluster in French Polynesia dedicated to natural ressources valorisation

CHESE Madagascar : essential oil cluster gathering actors coming from South-East of Madagascar

CBB CAPIOTEK: french cluster working in the field of marine biotechnologies applied to cosmetics

About Collaborative Projects

Focus on Cosmetics 4 Well-beeing (C4W) European Project

  • 4 partners: Cosmetic Valley (France), Beauty Clusters Barcelona (Spain), Transylvanian LifeStyle Cluster (Romania) and AEBB (Portugal)
  • 18 months: starting end 2017 / begining 2018
  • 1 main objective: building a common strategy in order to boost internationalization of cluster member compagnies.