Bletilla formosana, a Taiwan native plant similar to Bletilla striata recorded in Chinese pharmacopoeia, possesses activities of anti-microbes, anti-oxidation, anti-ulcer and wound healing. Researchers had established the GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) cultivation of B. formosana, and developed B. formosana alone or combination with other natural materials in whitening and skin care cosmetics. Recently, ITRI’s researchers had transferred the GAP cultivation techniques of B. formosana to a Chinese medicine pharmaceutical company, and a cosmetic formulation using B. formosana as the major ingredient to a biotechnology corporation.

Citrus depressa Hayata, a Taiwan native plant, possesses fuctions of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory for its essential oil. ITRI had established the essential oil extraction technology using their peels and 15 index components were Identified out.

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