The training program of the Beauty Business School arrives. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity about the perfumery industry by clicking here ! Do you need more information ? GCC thought about everything and summarized you the key information. For that, nothing more simple ! You just have to take a glance at this article 🧐


1. The training program of the Beauty Business School, what is it ?

Take the lead & get yourself into the perfumery industry by joining this unparalleled training program offered by the Beauty Business School.  This is a unique opportunity to live a full immersion in this industry.

Also, this program is delivered by various profiles of professionals from the perfumery & cosmetics industry. So, you will benefit from these experts experience coming from technical field, perfumes development…

Last practical information, training delivered in Spanish and which can be done blended or 100% online.

2. Its objectives ?

    → Delve into the perfumery world, from raw materials selection to the perfumes commercialization. And acquire knowlege about the creative process of fragrances.

    → Explore the applications of such products.

    → Be able to discover & express the desires of consumers, by uniting them to the perfumer mastery.

3. What about the program ?

4. A certified training ?

Once the training validated, participant will receive a certificate which accredited her/him as an expert in the perfumery industry and its applications. Certificate awarded by the Beauty Business School.

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