In September 2021 Henkel, Lโ€™Orรฉal, LVMH, Natura & Co, & Unilever announced a new global collaboration to co-develop an environmental impact assessment & scoring system for cosmetic products, with the purpose of helping consumers when choosing cosmetic & personal care products, providing clear & transparent information about the sustainability of the products they are considering to buy.

So far, the EcoBeautyScore Consortium gathers 36 small & large companies & associations, who have already started to work together & are organized in thematic working groups (remaining open for other potential members to join). A first prototype for the scoring system is planned to be ready for the end of 2022, providing the environmental scoring for a selection of product categories at first, which will be also verified by independent parties. The Consortium said it will also consult external experts, including scientists, academics, & NGOs.

The methodology of the measurement of environmental impacts throughout the lifecycle of products will be backed by the principles of the โ€œProduct Environmental Footprintโ€ (the European Unionโ€™s PEF scientific method based on life cycle assessment of products).

A similar database & scoring system that targets the environmental impact of formula ingredients & packaging is planned to be implemented too.

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