“The Cosmetic Victories” competition is back for its 8th edition …



“The Cosmetic Victories”, what is it ?

The first edition of “The Cosmetic Victories” competition was launched in 2015. From this moment, the adventure has continued every year, sponsored by the Cosmetic Valley – ESSEC endowment fund.

The competition, recognized by the profession, aims to reward and promote students, researchers, start-ups & SMEs in charge of innovative projects, related to the perfume and cosmetics industry. It also aims to promote the research & innovation that will participate in the future of the cosmetics industry.

What about the prizes ?ย 

-The Academic Prize :ย  awards the research excellency. PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and researchers can apply to this prize.

-The Industry Prize :ย  awards the best cosmetic innovation of the year. Managers of business-creation projects, innovative start-ups and SMEs can apply to this prize.ย 

If you win one of these prizes, you will obtain : โ‚ฌ10 000, the recognition by the profession & an international exposure !

You have…

ย  ย  -A primary or applied research project that meets the new technical challenges of the cosmetic industry?

ย  ย  -An innovative project with an application of the cosmetics industryโ€™s value chain (raw materials, formulation, packaging, tests, finished goodsโ€ฆ) ?

ย  ย  -An innovative project which can be the result of technology transfer from other sectors to the cosmetic field?

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They tried their luck in 2022 !

-Laureate of the Academic Prize : “Carbogel A Simple and Eco-Friendly Carbohydrate-Based Gelling Agent for Oily Phase” by Dr Sami Halila, researcher in Glychochemistry from “Centre de Recherches sur les macromolรฉcules Vรฉgรฉtales – CNRS, Grenoble (France).

-Laureate of the Industry Prize : โ€œSkinRNA Micro-cell Testโ€ by Stephan Mazy, CEO founder of Derma health Solutions Pty Ltd (Australia)


What about you ?