Let’s do a recap of theย International Tour in Argenteuilย on October 11th 2022 !

Global Cosmetics Cluster, the first international clusters network dedicated to the perfume and cosmetics industry, organized an International Tour in the framework of the Cosmetic 360 week*, on October 11th, 2022 in Argenteuil (Paris area).ย ย 



What is the international Tour ?ย 

The international tour is a day dedicated to cosmetic clusters from all around the world and members of Global Cosmetics Cluster.

17 participants from Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Canada, Colombia, Taiwan, Thailand enjoyed the day in Argenteuil, supported by Choose Paris Region.ย 


Among this dayโ€™s few key moments:ย 

  • Visit of Givaudan Factoryย 

Givaudan is a Swiss manufacturer of aromas, fragrances and cosmetic active ingredients. The company is since 2007 the world’s largest company in the flavor and fragrance sector. Theย Argentueil’sย factory is the second most important since the Switzerland’s one.

The delegation has been welcomed by Martine Uzan from Givaudan factory. The participants discovered the company’s values and objectives and enjoyed a visit of the factory and the school of perfumers.

  • General Assembly in L’Atelier, jardin de l’Abbaye.ย 

The General Assembly is an important annual meeting of the Global Cosmetics Cluster since the association was born in 2021. Gathering all the Global Cosmetics Cluster members (both physically and digitally), the meeting is an opportunity for clusters from all around the world to make a feedback on the actions implemented during the past year and validate the 2023 action plan, full of networking events,ย webinarsย Go International, BtoB missions, promotion of clustersโ€™ dynamics… At the benefit of the worldwide cosmetic industry !

  • Claude Monnetโ€™s impressionist house discovering

The Impressionist House of Argenteuil was the residency of Claude Monet’s family until 1878, which inspired him for many paintings.ย In 2003, the City of Argenteuil bought the house to preserve it: a complete development and rehabilitation project around an innovative scenography by preserving the original architecture of the house and by proposing an original scenography through digital devices for bringing Claude Monet’s paintings to life.

Many thanks to :ย Givaudan,ย Ville d’Argenteuil,ย BOUCLE NORD DE SEINE,ย Rรฉgion รŽle-de-Franceย &ย Choose Paris Regionย !

C360 Week*ย 

Cosmetic 360 Week, the first Cosmeticโ€™s international week organized byโ€ฏCosmetic Valleyโ€ฏfrom Monday 10th to Saturday October 17thโ€ฏ 2022, in France, in the framework of the international exhibition Cosmetic 360.ย