About us

Global Cosmetics Cluster is the first international clusters network dedicated to the perfume and cosmetics industry.


2016 : Cosmetics Clusters, the International Network (CCIN) : Launched by Cosmetic Valley during the 2016 edition of the Cosmetic 360 fair in Paris.

2019: CCIN becomes Global Cosmetics Cluster

October 2019 : Clusters from all around the world shared their vision for the future of our Global Cosmetics Cluster through 3 round tables during the annual cluster meeting “Cosmetics Clusters Rendez-Vous”

2020 1st semester : Cluster worked together during “Working Sessions” dedicated to :
➔ Strategy and Governance: Ensure the long-term sustainability of the network
➔ Network dynamics and communication: Defining next concrete actions to enhance inter-cluster collaborations

October 2020: 20 clusters from 18 countries gather for the annual cluster meeting “e-Cosmetics Clusters Rendez-Vous” on October 13th, in the framework of e-Cosmetic 360 !

After working hardly during months, cosmetics clusters have discovered the new structure of the international network, Global Cosmetics Cluster, thought and built to ensure the sustainability and the dynamics !

2021 1st semester : The association Global Cosmetics Cluster was born !


International cluster collaboration
• To develop the complementarity nature of service offers of each participating cluster
• To encourage the exchange of good practices and support the development of a global ecosystem of responsible and innovative companies active in cosmetics
The gateway to SMEs internationalization
• To simplify the steps to globalization for the businesses belonging to Global Cosmetics Cluster
Be the international reference for cosmetics expertise
• To facilitate relations between global stakeholders to promote their scientific expertise and complementarities
• To encourage the development of a global ecosystem of innovating and responsible cosmetics businesses
• To take part to initiatives to safeguard traditional and existing skills and know-how