Are you looking for international partners ? The B2B Businessplace platform is made for you !

It’s a platform for the beauty industry to develop collaboration and trade between cosmetics, perfume and personal care companies.

The B2B Businessplace is dedicated to companies from the whole value-chain in the cosmetics industry : brands, distributors, suppliers, packaging, manufacturers, service companies, training entities and innovation agents.

The steps to find my partners

#1 Post your offers and demands :

Publish directly the need you have in your company or in the project you are working on. You can do this publically or anonymously. You choose the information you want to add: title, description, links, images, documents…

#2 Share them with the industry :

Once posted, in addition to being visible to all platform users, your request can be shared with other users who may have the solution to your need. Users who have category alerts activated will receive a notification.

#3 Find your ideal partner :

When someone can give you a solution, they will be able to contact you, it will come directly to the mail linked to your user. By correctly categorising your need, you will reach the right partners and receive proposals that are adapted to your project.

This platform is available to companies members of the following clusters :