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On September 20-21, Beauty Cluster Barcelona organizes Barcelona Olfaction Congress, to promote the knowledge of the world of essences and perfumes and to create an event of reference for the sector in Barcelona.

The congress will include two days. The first day will be focused on the sense of the description of perfumes, the latest innovations and new technologies in the sector. The second day will deep into applications of the smell in the Health sector. Some of the topics that will be discussed at the Barcelona Olfaction Congress 2018 are:

September, 20th:

  • Definition of olfactory families
  • Prediction of aromatic characteristics by computational means
  • The design of a fragrance and international trends of perfume customers
  • Status of the legislation and claims in essences and perfumes
  • Compilation of recent innovations related to perfume and its analysis

 September, 21st:

  • New perfume functionalities
  • Essential oils and their potential applications in health
  • The sense of olfaction from a medical point of view
  • Is it possible to recover memories through smell?

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