Beauty Cluster is a Spanish private association that promotes collaboration with the purpose of promoting sustainable development and competitiveness in the value chain of the cosmetics, perfumery and personal care sector. Made up of more than 200 companies, it is the leading cluster in the beauty sector in Spain. It promotes innovation, internationalization, training and digital transformation. It is Gold Label accredited cluster. Founder of the Beauty Business School. Some relevant events promoted by Beauty Cluster are: Beauty Innovation Days, DIgital Beauty Awards, Barcelona Olfaction Week and Beauty Sustainability Week.




Connecting Canada to the Global Cosmetic Industry – Together We Can Make Canada A Global Cosmetic Presence. The Canadian Cosmetic Cluster has one simple goal with this cluster; to develop and support the Canadian Cosmetic Industry. The cluster involves the entire supply chain of the cosmetic industry from raw materials to the manufacturing of finished products. A Cluster is an organization that offers numerous services and projects to promote the development, cooperation, innovation and internationalization of companies within an industry.  It works through partnerships between corporate, non-profit organizations, government and start-ups to create new opportunities for companies. Canada has many opportunities for export and import. The Canadian cluster provides connections, resources and support.




Associação Empresarial da Beira Baixa (AEBB) Founded in 1987, it is a non-profit association with 189 member companies, which supports the creation and development of SMEs that operate in different sectors. About 50 SMEs are in the cosmetics sector. Support for business competitiveness is a priority axis of the Association’s action. AEBB’s main activities for the development and support of its members are: training, employment, entrepreneurship, innovation and research, sustainability and competitiveness, and Affirmation of Regional Identity.



Cali-Valle del Cauca’s Beauty Cluster Initiative

Cali-Valle del Cauca Beauty Cluster is formed by little more than 150 companies related to the production of cosmetics and personal care items, along with suppliers of packaging, chemicals, natural ingredients and the different distribution channels, generating more than 42,700 jobs in the region in 2019. During 2020 the Cali-Valle del Cauca Beauty Cluster reported USD 1,115 million in sales and USD 165.9 million in exportations, representing 30% of the total exports of this kind in Colombia.




DETIC is a Belgian and Luxembourg multi-sectoral association with approximately 120 members, of which the majority are active in the cosmetics sector. In addition to its public affairs, as the voice of the cosmetics industry, DETIC provides its members with support in technical and regulatory matters, sectoral crisis communication and sustainable development. Since this year, DETIC has been developing services related to internationalisation, innovation and business partnerships for the cosmetics.




Cosmetics Cluster UK Ltd is the first cluster for the cosmetics industry in the UK. It was relaunched as a non-profit organisation in June 2020, with the aim to be a ‘network of networks’, facilitating collaboration and connecting the whole beauty value chain from research to retail. Our mission is to connect businesses and organisations in the beauty industry to support best practice, innovation, business and academic collaborations and to solve challenges together. We have four pillars of focus: Education & Workforce Skills; Research & Innovation; Sustainability; and Networks & Global Clusters, the latter leading us to be an active founding member of the Global Cosmetics Cluster.




IBITA is a public interest organization established by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups on 20 January 2012. In order to strengthen the export capacity of the Korean beauty industry, support exports through overseas exhibitions, and increase the added value of international trade promotion, we are supporting various domestic and foreign projects. It is a public interest organization aimed at developing the Korean cosmetics beauty industry and strengthening international competitiveness, including overseas exhibitions, convention, seminars, forums, export trade support, European certification and halal certification. It has steadily promoted Korea to 35,000 overseas buyers at 75 exhibitions in 45 countries by establishing core overseas network infrastructure to foster global talent to promote sustainable R&D businesses and Korean cosmetics beauty companies’ marketing strategies.



Independent Beauty Association (IBA)

IBA, The Independent Beauty Association, is a non-profit trade association supporting creative and innovative companies, from startups to established multinational businesses of all sizes. IBA’s goal is to help members succeed in the rapidly changing, highly competitive global cosmetics and personal care industry.  Since 1974, IBA has provided essential guidance and support through business tools, publications, education, networking opportunities, and advocacy. IBA’s Mission is to foster the success of entrepreneurial companies in the cosmetic and personal care industries.




The cluster Innov’Alliance is a network of more than 400 members. It gathers companies, research and training organizations and academics. Most of actors are spread within Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and South Provence Alpes-Côtes d’Azur regions. Among its members, Innov’Alliance has a significant number of solutions providers, startups, SMEs, mid-caps, which have a strong potential for international development. All actors are representative of the whole agri-food value chain, from producers to consumers through solution providers.




Japan Cosmetic Center(JCC)is a cosmetic association founded in 2013, currently comprised of approximately 160member companies. JCC is a unique association that is organized strongly supported locally by Saga prefecture, the city of Karatsu and Genkai town. Up to now, JCC has been conducting activities to internationally introduce Japanese cosmetics of high quality and unique concepts, as well as supporting the development of traceability-conscious cosmetic ingredients of Karatsu origin. To further accelerate our operations, we strive to expand our services into cosmetic education and consultation. Furthermore, we wish to help create innovations within the global cosmetic industry through finding appropriate international companies/academia to partner with.





Polo della Cosmesi was born in Crema in 2005, one of the third-party industrial districts of excellence for the cosmetics production, with the aim of boosting the cooperation among the companies of the sector and encouraging the development and quality. Today it is a dynamic well organised association which operates on a national and international level and which groups together more than 80 companies of the cosmetic and make-up market: from bulk/product to filling process, from primary to secondary packaging, from decorations to labels, from assembling to automated machines building, from product design to R&D. Companies with an aggregated turnover of more than 700 million euros, expression of quality, innovation, know how in the cosmetics and make-up field. Polo della Cosmesi is partner also of GCC-Europe program




Taiwan Beauty Valley established in 2016, have more than 40 members from diversified fields of cosmetics in Taiwan. We construct the comprehensive ecosystem for the beauty industry in Taiwan, connect the diversified energies from the industry, the government, the academia, the research center, and the medical fields to fasten the innovation in Cosmetics and to make the Beauty Industry become a vital highlight industry in Taiwan, thereby enhancing its visibility on the global market.



Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS)

Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences or TCELS is a public organization under the ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation. We act as a driver or deliverer of value to society by being the crossroads between research, innovation, public health, and finance systems. We provide supports and services for research & innovation management, products standardization, IP management, commercialization, capacity building, business consultation, investment facilitation. We are the mangers of Thailand Life Science Cluster.




The association Cosmetic Valley is the coordinator of the French cosmetics industry that counts 3 200 companies. It has been supporting, for 26 years, economic growth in the cosmetics industry by organizing the network, helping to drive exports, and supporting innovation. Cosmetic Valley represents a cross sectorial industry, a network that is 86% SMEs, 10% Groups and 4% research and trainings (10 universities, CNRS…). The cluster brings together the whole value chain of the cosmetic industry.




The Cluster MENARA is a Moroccan association that creates opportunities and contributes to the growth of the national economy by supporting Moroccan startups, VSEs and SMEs, focusing on innovation in the agrifood and cosmetic sectors. Made up of more than 100 companies and several types of regional and national socio-economic actors (SMEs, institutions, research centers, universities, startups), the Cluster Menara aims to strengthen its competitiveness and seize opportunities for development of international markets, relying on innovation and visibility of the Moroccan food industry and cosmetics on an international scale. Our cluster has been awarded the bronze label of excellence and is the founder of the first African center of innovation in cosmetics and food sectors, The hub of development and scientific creation.




Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters’ Association (IKMIB), founded in 1991, is a semi-governmental and nonprofit organization. IKMIB that is representing around 14.000 members from the chemical industry is a professional organization with public entity as “one-stop shop” between the industry and public institutions. It developes co-operations and projects with local and international institutions in order to support its clusters that are facilitating under the Association.